Only those willing to go too far will know how far they can go.

Massage/Chiropractic Therapy with Paul

Lying down on the

padded brown table,

I worm my body towards

the head rest.


My eyes focus on the white

ceiling, calming senses

releasing the tension stuck

in my chest.


Aromatic oil slides

between his hands,

rubbing vigorously

sounding suction like

a tongue’s pressure releasing

from the palate’s ridge.


My eyes close as his fingers

fold into the nape of my neck,

applying pressure,

repeating rhythmic circles

enticing tranquility

his fingers inch intimately

down my neck.  Heat swells,

back arches, an

automatic response

aroused by

manipulative strokes

enveloping visions

of wandering fingers,

awakening a sleeping sensation.


In the silence

a momentary urge:


            his touch

            seduces the


arms reach around

            pulling him close

            our mouths meet.


Gently soothed,

Strained muscles relax.

As he twists my head, a

loud crack releases pressure

I moan.


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